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Protect your computer from data loss with Data Backup to External Drive Setup service,  Data Recovery from Computer or Disk Drive, Computer Repair Consultation, or Computer Virus and Spyware Removal services.

      OS (Operating System)

          Install or Re-install


          Starts At $79.00

         Services Include


  •     Install or Re-install on operating system on one computer (OS discs are required and will not be supplied)
  •    we cannot provide operating system software we only use the software provided by you.
  •     Ensure that all necessary drivers have been installed
  •     Make sure system is up to date
  •     Verify the system is functioning properly

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        Hard Drive Reset


             Starts At  $79.00

               Services Include


  •     Wipe a computer clean of existing data
  •     Backup data (additional cost)
  •     Transfer data (additional cost)
  •     If data back-up is needed, please have an adequate external hard drive available

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 Laptop Screen replacement






         Price $ 110.00

    included with this service


  •     Removal of broken laptop screen
  •     Installation of new customer-supplied laptop screen
  •     Validate successful installation and cleanup



 Data Backup to External Drive





                  Price $97.00



  •     Setting up a scheduled backup for your computer
  •     Backup occurs to customer-provided drive or cloud
  •     Identification of critical files that need backup
  •     Walkthrough of backup schedule and configuration

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